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Consuming a JSON REST API in Android

This week's blog post was requested by one of our readers, Jasmine. Jasmine asked if I could write a guide on "processing JSON data for android applications using NodeJS and Express and Android Studio". I haven't done anything using…
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Five reasons to write proper commit messages

We have all been there and probably done it ourselves. An app randomly breaks or crashes, so you type "git log" to see what has changed recently. And BOOM! The history reads like: 18:15: More updates. 18:02: Updates. 17:40: Updates. …
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How to handle a colossal project

Towards the end of 2016, I decided to start making videos to share on Facebook and YouTube. I blocked out some time in my calendar to make 3 videos a week. Since I do freelance work during the week, it meant that I would have to do them in…