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Docker vs Docker Compose, what’s the difference?

This is a question asked by a student who is taking our course: Build a Backend REST API with Python & Django – Advanced. Question A student asked: What is the difference between Docker and Docker Compose? Why do we need both a Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml file in the project? Answer When working with Docker, […]

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Deploying Django with Docker Compose

There are a number of ways you can deploy a Django app. One of the simplest is by running the app using Docker Compose directly on a Linux virtual machine. The benefits to this approach are: Fastest and easier to get up and running. Define your deployment configuration with your code. Consistent development and production […]

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Debugging a Dockerized Django app with VSCode

I am a huge advocate for integrating Docker into your development process. There are many benefits to this, such as: Consistent developer environments Parity of development and production environments Dependency isolation from your laptop and development environment However, all these benefits don’t come without a downside… When you isolate your development server into a Docker […]


How to use Terraform via Docker Compose for Pros

This topic is covered in-depth in our 14 hour DevOps course. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how professional developers should use Terraform on a project. If you prefer to watch this tutorial in video format, find the video below: If you just want to see the finished sample code, you can find that here: […]


Installing Python on macOS using PyEnv for beginners

In this post I’ll explain how to install Python using PyEnv on a macOS machine. This tutorial is also available in video form here: What is PyEnv and why use it? macOS comes with Python pre-installed. However, the version installed is usually 2.7, which was deprecated on January 1st 2020. So you might be thinking: […]