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Consuming a JSON REST API in Android

This week's blog post was requested by one of our readers, Jasmine. Jasmine asked if I could write a guide on "processing JSON data for android applications using NodeJS and Express and Android Studio". I haven't done anything using…
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Android Development for Beginners: 6 Steps to Building Your First App

Learning any new technology can be a challenging and frustrating task. When I first started learning Android development, I spent a lot of time reading the official documentation provided by Google, and following various tutorials over and…
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OnePlus One ADB Access over Network on Windows 10

So I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and also upgrade my OnePlus One to CyanogenMode 12 (Lollipop). Decided I would do a bit of Android development, so I've spent most of the weekend trying to locate some ADB drivers which work with my computer…
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How to clone a GitHub project on Android Studio

Learn how to build a REST API: Build a Backend REST API with Python & Django - Advanced You may have read/watched my previous tutorial How to use GitHub with Android Studio 1.x. This is a follow up tutorial which explains how to clone…
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How to use GitHub with Android Studio

This article provides a basic overview of how to use GitHub with Android Studio.  Video Demonstration Firstly, let's login to and create a new repository. From the top right corner of the screen, click the + sign and…
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How to push to a remote Git repository over SSH with private/public key authentication using Android Studio

Android Studio is currently in Beta phase. However given that it is most likely to supercede Eclipse as the next Android IDE, I thought it would be a good idea to start using it now to develop my apps. Like many software engineers, I use…