Fixing Git Bash Vagrant issue
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Fixing Git Bash Vagrant issue

The following steps will fix the issue where the blank shell input appears after running `vagrant ssh` on Windows 10:

Screenshot of Git Bash blank terminal input

This bug appears to be caused by a conflict between the ssh executable that comes with vagrant and the one that comes with Git Bash.

The problem can be solved by setting the VAGRANT_PREFER_SYSTEM_BIN environment variable to 1.

To do this, follow the below steps:

Step 1) Click Start and type “System” to open up the System menu within control panel.

Screenshot of clicking start and typing System and selecting system menu

Step 2) Click Advanced system settings from the System menu.

Screenshot of clicking Advanced system settings from within the system menu

Step 3) From the System Properties window, click on Environment Variables…

Screenshot of clicking Environment Variables from the System Properties window

Step 4) Under System variables, select New… to add a new environment variable.

Screenshot of clicking New from within the System variables section of the Environment Variables window

Step 5) In the Variable name box, type VAGRANT_PREFER_SYSTEM_BIN and in the Variable value box enter 1 and click OK.

Screenshot of typing VAGRANT_PREFER_SYSTEM_BIN within Variable name and 1 within Variable value

Step 6) Close and re-open any Git Bash windows you have open, and re-run vagrant ssh.

You should now be able to execute commands on you Vagrant server.