Google Cloud Platform, Docker and Django.
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Deploying Django to Google App Engine using Docker

In this guide I'm going to show you how to deploy a Django application to Google App Engine (GAE) using Docker. Specifically, we'll be doing this: Creating a new Django project with Docker and Docker ComposeCreating a placeholder…
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Use Docker to create a new Django project in one line

If you already have Docker on your machine, you can create a new Django project (using any version) using a single command. Create in an app/ directory: docker run -v ${PWD}/app:/app -w /app python:3.9-alpine sh -c "pip install Django==3.2…
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Debugging a Dockerized Django app with VSCode

I am a huge advocate for integrating Docker into your development process. There are many benefits to this, such as: Consistent developer environmentsParity of development and production environmentsDependency isolation from your…
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How to use GitHub Actions

In our advanced course on building REST APIs, we teach how to use Travis-CI to run unit tests and linting for your project. Since launching the course, GitHub has launched their own CI/CD workflow tool called GitHub Actions and many students…
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How to use Terraform via Docker Compose for Pros

In this tutorial, I'll show you how professional developers should use Terraform on a project. If you prefer to watch this tutorial in video format, find the video below: If you just want to see the finished sample code, you can find…
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Installing Python on macOS using PyEnv for beginners

In this post I'll explain how to install Python using PyEnv on a macOS machine. This tutorial is also available in video form here: What is PyEnv and why use it? macOS comes with Python…
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What’s the difference between the migrate and makemigrations command in Django?

When writing applications for relational databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL, there are two things to keep in mine: The first is the structure of the database itself. This includes things such as the tables, fields and relationships…
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How do you debug a Django application that is running in Docker?

Students of our advanced course on building REST API's often ask: How can I use my editors integrated debugging tools when running Django in Docker? It may surprise you, however personally I avoid using any integrating debugging tools where…

JSON Web Tokens vs Token Authentication

What is the difference between JSON web wokens (JWT) and token authentication? We get this question a lot in our Build a REST API Beginner and Advanced courses. JSON web tokens (JWT) and token auth are two different types of authentication. Token…
Traditional vs Single Page websites
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Traditional vs Single Page websites and which language to learn

This post is an answer I gave to a student on my Udemy course: Build your own Backend using Django REST Framework. A summary of the question was: What is the difference between single page and traditional websites, and which language should…