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How to push to a remote Git repository over SSH with private/public key authentication using Android Studio

Android Studio is currently in Beta phase. However given that it is most likely to supercede Eclipse as the next Android IDE, I thought it would be a good idea to start using it now to develop my apps. Like many software engineers, I use…
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What to do if Aptana Studio 3 stops allowing you to commit to git?

I had the following problem: I had been working on a project and wanted to commit my changes to git. When trying to commit (clicking Commands > Commit), it would let me type a message and add the files, however when I click Commit, the…
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How to change the hostname of a Linux server

This post describes how to change a hostname on a Debian 7 Linux server, however it will work on most other Linux distributions too. Switch to root sudo -i Change the /etc/hostname file echo '' > /etc/hostname Restart…
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How to add an SSH public key to your Linux user account

Click here for the quick copy-paste option Hi there, this is something that helps me out frequently so I wanted to share it with the community. If you are at all security conscious, you will want to use public/private key authentication,…
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Creating central git repository

Cloud based source control systems such as github are a great addition to the everyday toolkit of the software engineer. However, what if you want to host your own local git repository? Maybe for security, budget limitations of just personal…
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How to use Scroll View in Xcode 5 Storyboards

Wondering how to create, populate and configure a Scroll View inside a View Controller using Storyboards in Xcode 5? This is for you. Let's get started. Step 1 Add a blank View Controller to your storyboard. Step 2 In the Document Outline…